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SAWYER PET rubber dog and cat food bowl and cats 0736


Xịt Tropiclean Chữa Trị Ngứa Ngoài Da Cho Chó Mèo 236ml

Xịt Tropiclean

Water Bottle for Dogs and Cats with Small Cage BOBO 0711


Drinking water bottle for dogs and cats with small cages, used with many types of cages, convenient operation without pouring water out.


The small caged dog and cat water bottle is a product suitable for all breeds of dogs and cats, making it easier for dogs and cats to drink water.

Features of water bottle for cats and dogs

  • BOBO 0711 small size pet drinking bottle with high quality plastic material.
  • Special design to use for pet pet.
  • Suitable for a variety of pets.
  • Works according to the ballpoint pen mechanism, when the normal magnetic water pet ball will work.

Using instructions water bottle for cats and dogs

  • Clean after purchase and before use with warm water (or can use detergent if necessary).
  • Pour water into the jar and then close the lid.
  • Set the bottle upside down (shake the bottle slightly to balance the pressure, the water can flow well).
  • Drag your finger over the marble to see if the water is good. Do not allow pets to drink ice, beer, or hot water.

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Color: Green, red, yellow

Advanced: plastic materials

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