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Pate for dogs

Pate for dogs to reduce hair loss Iris Benefit For Fur


Dog Food – ANF ​​Organic Chicken


Pedigree – Large dog food, chicken flavor, grilled liver, vegetables


Pedigree – Dog food suitable for all types of dogs, helping to promote health and beauty.


Pedigree – Dog food with tender cuts of meat in a sauce for a delicious taste that dogs absolutely love. A complete and balanced diet including vitamins, minerals, calcium, protein, fiber and omega gives the dog a complete health, ensuring both physical and external development. Figure.


  • Flavors: Chicken, Grilled Liver and Vegetables.
  • Provide enough protein to help build strong muscles.
  • Beautify the skin, minimize hair loss to help shiny hair.
  • Supports good digestion and absorption of nutrients.
  • Helps keep bones and teeth healthy.
  • Contribute to the stable development of the puppy.

User manual

Use for dogs to eat with rice or bread.

Pedigree has a high degree of versatility that can be used by many dogs of different ages.

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Ingredients: Chicken meat, gravy, vitamins C, A, D, D3, B2, B12, B6, E and vitamin B1, minerals like calcium, copper sulfate, zinc, potassium chloride, iron, turmeric, green tea extract and iodized salt. Product information: 80g x1 pack.

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