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Xịt Tropiclean

Xịt Tropiclean Chữa Trị Ngứa Ngoài Da Cho Chó Mèo 236ml


Chondroitin Calcium Powder for dogs and cats

Chondroitin Calcium Powder

Meow fun Oral Care British Shorthair cat treats


Oral Care British Shorthair is the best way to train cats but also provides enough nutrition for a pet cat’s day.


Oral Care British Shorthair treats for British Shorthair cats providing maximum nutrition and energy each day.

Features Oral Care British Shorthair

  • Specially designed for British Shorthair cats with special formulations.
  • The British Shorthair Cat Reward Cake increases chewing time and can effectively clean teeth.
  • Protect your cat’s intestines and stomach. Helps promote digestion.
  • Helps with nutrient absorption and metabolism. Control the weight of cats and reduce the incidence of overweight.
  • Help train your cat to make it more obedient to your commands.

Pet Me Shop specializes in providing pet accessories and  food . Quality imported products.

Nutritional ingredients: Meow Fun Oral Care British Shorthair is made from fresh fish and chicken meat. Chicken oil, milk, Glycerin, Calcium lactate, Sodium pyrophosphate, potassium sorbate, FD&C Yellow 5, FD&C Red 40. Nutritional analysis: Crude Protein: 25%, Crude Fat: 6%, Crude Fiber: 2% , Ash: 5%, Humidity: 12%.

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