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Cat toilet

Makar cat toilet with bow 45*52*40cm pink


JoyPet Pet Antibacterial and Deodorizing Spray 400ml

Pet Antibacterial

JoyPet Cat Disinfectant and Deodorant Spray 270ml


JoyPet antibacterial and deodorizing spray helps pet cats no longer have unpleasant odors, and we can also apply them to clean odors in your home.


JoyPet disinfects and deodorizes cats, eliminates odors thoroughly, can be used on many surfaces.

Features of JoyPet

  • Natural ingredients without alcohol eliminate unpleasant odors.
  • The sterilization effect is up to 99%.
  • Suitable for many types of surfaces such as carpets, floors,…
  • Removes odors from the root of sterilization thoroughly.
  • Safe for cats to lick. Deodorization time is 24 hours.

User manual

Deodorize cat feces on sand: Separate cat feces on sand, spray with deodorant solution, then use a shovel to scoop out the sand evenly.

Use on other surfaces: Spray the solution at a distance of 20cm, then wipe off with water. Apply to surfaces such as toilet, potty, floor, bed,…

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Ingredients: Distilled tea, Yanshan ginger leaf oil, dry distilled phenol oil, disinfectant, flavoring (green fragrance)

Capacity: 270ml

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