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Teaching parrots how to nod yes and shake head no

huấn luyện vẹt két gật và lắc đầu

Put the parrots stand on a tree and begin the exercise Nod yes  Hold their treat/reward in your fingers then move it up and down to get their attention so that they will follow your fingers , their head will move up and down . If they do it right , you need to say ” […]

Teaching parrots how to wave and shake hand

Huấn luyện vẹt két làm trò

Waving  When you call your parrot step up on your finger , it will easier for you to teach them how to wave . Move your finger close to your bird and say  “Hi” or ” step up ” reflexively he/she will pick up 1 foot to step on your finger , immediately clicking  “click” and give […]

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