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Teaching parrots to climb a rope

Dạy vẹt két leo dây

– Put the Parrot in a tree .Tying a rope start from the tree to your hand (the rope that has knotty knotted ,which helps birds climbing easier). -At the beginning , i will put their favorite food on the top of the rope that forced them to climb .Initially birds often reluctant attitude because unfamiliar.But the […]

Teaching parrot to go through the tube

Huấn luyện vẹt két nhìn theo mục tiêu và chui qua ống

Based on the basis of exercises “suck wand” to learn this exercise (clike here) holding the tip of the target stick close to your parrot’s beak . the parrot will begin to touch the stick –> click click –> get bonus . Repeat and gradually started to put the stick toward to the opposite side […]

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