Manitoba for Small Size Parrots

Manitoba nutritional supplements made in Italia for small size parrots. Weight 400g


During the development of birds should be weaned, when birds about 5 months can eat harder fruits like apples, guavas, pears, vegetables. More nutritional foods like Zupreem and Manitoba should be fed with natural fruit, vitamins and minerals that help the parrot develop most comprehensively.

Made in Italia

Weight: 400g

Pet Me shop ,specializes in selling nutrient formula Manitoba , which made by the Italia for feeding small birds newborn . Hand Feeding formula Manitoba is the most prestigious and most widely studied by the professional, veterinarian, the animal protection programs worldwide.


• Manitoba has high- nutrient formula and balanced helps babies bird grow faster, wean earlier and brighter plumage

• Manitoba has beneficial microorganisms for healthy and intestinal of birds.

• Manitoba has digestive enzymes to ensure adequate digestion of carbohydrates and proteins, these enzymes are extremely good for a newly hatched baby or in a bird experiencing digestive difficulties.

• Manitoba, omega- 3 good for development of brain, heart and sight function.

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