Periodic Health Examination & Beauty Care For Parrot

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Price: 200.000đ/time (Free the service for Pet Me customers)

Why do parrots need to have health examination? 

– To detect the problems about parrots’ diseases or to prevent them

– To find out the suitable diet for parrots

– To prevent and find out the treatments for bird trainers (diseases can spread between human and birds)

– To find out the preventive and isolative solution for other birds.

Dạy vẹt tương tác

Interaction between parrots and human

The process of periodic health examination

Part 1 – General Evaluation

– Eyes exam: to realize the the signal of inflammation, neuropathy, thypoid disease

– Mouth and nostril exam: to realize the signals of diseases caused by fungal infection, micronutrient deficiencies, injuries, respiratory diseases.

– Throat exam: to evaluate the digestion, goiter.

– Fur exam: to realize if parrots were infected with skin parasites, if the caring process provided enough nutrition and vitamin to parrots/

– Skin exam: to evaluate skin diseases, hematoma disease cause by bacteria and virus

– Wings and legs exam: to realize bone problems, evaluate nutritional diseases during the process of caring.

Consultant: General evaluation, giving trainers recommendation, giving vitamin & vaccination for Flu, Diarrhea, beauty care…

Price: 200.000đ/time (Free service for Pet Me customers)

***Note: Give medicine to parrots during the day, not to pass the day. It is more efficient to use a 40 degree heating lamp during the treatment.

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