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How To Teach Parrot Free Fly

Dạy vẹt thả bay tự do

*** Please note that this document is for reference only and is considered by the farmer before practicing outdoors. TRAINING FREQUENCY TRAINING The issue I want to share in this article is the discovery of complex details to prepare for a “free flying birds in the sky” Free flying is a complex issue that requires […]

Teaching parrots to climb a rope

Dạy vẹt két leo dây

– Put the Parrot in a tree .Tying a rope start from the tree to your hand (the rope that has knotty knotted ,which helps birds climbing easier). -At the beginning , i will put their favorite food on the top of the rope that forced them to climb .Initially birds often reluctant attitude because unfamiliar.But the […]

Teaching parrots how to nod yes and shake head no

huấn luyện vẹt két gật và lắc đầu

Put the parrots stand on a tree and begin the exercise Nod yes  Hold their treat/reward in your fingers then move it up and down to get their attention so that they will follow your fingers , their head will move up and down . If they do it right , you need to say ” […]

Teaching parrots how to wave and shake hand

Huấn luyện vẹt két làm trò

Waving  When you call your parrot step up on your finger , it will easier for you to teach them how to wave . Move your finger close to your bird and say  “Hi” or ” step up ” reflexively he/she will pick up 1 foot to step on your finger , immediately clicking  “click” and give […]

Teaching parrot to go through the tube

Huấn luyện vẹt két nhìn theo mục tiêu và chui qua ống

Based on the basis of exercises “suck wand” to learn this exercise (clike here) holding the tip of the target stick close to your parrot’s beak . the parrot will begin to touch the stick –> click click –> get bonus . Repeat and gradually started to put the stick toward to the opposite side […]

Teaching birds to spin around

huấn luyện vẹt két xoay tròn

When completed tasks “Holding chopsticks” ( clik here for more information ) notes the Parrot will chase leading wire in all positions. When you say ” spin ” , that time you move the top of the stick to behind the bird and make sure they can see it , they will follow the stick […]

Teaching parrot hold chopsticks (hit the goal)

dạy vẹt nhìn mục tiêu ngậm đũa

This is the basis for training as a prerequisite for the training of various exercises later . Prepare :  A tree for bird to stand : helps bird not to lose concentration . A Clicker Their favorite food (not necessarily a particular food. It just is something that in the process of raising ,your bird like most […]

Clicker for trainning parrots

Clicker huấn luyện vẹt két

Not only Parrots but also with most of pets,  training methods with “clicker” has become simple and very effective for all professional coaches to  train their pets . Clicker is a device that emits sound “click” when pressed . It’s like a command when you trainning them and it’s also mean a word of commendation . […]

Bonus foods for parrots

Thực phẩm thưởng cho vẹt két

“Which kind of food should I use in domestication?” “Where to buy?”…are general question that many people want to ask. Actually, bonus foods don’t have to be specific.  In the process you grow your parrot, notice which is its favorite food, that can be used as bonus food. Parrot should be fed its favorite food […]

Teaching parrots how to talk and communication

Huấn luyện vẹt két giao tiếp

  1. Teaching parrots to talk All species of parrots have their owned body structure essential for imitating human voice. This is one of parrots’ abilities attracting trainers. Depending on the kind of parrots, the ability to imitate may vary. A parrot learns well before it become mature. At the age of 3-6 months old in […]

Domesticating parrots

Cách thuần hoá vẹt két

This post is to help those who do not have chance to buy a baby parrot carry out their passion. -Step 1: Of course, you have to prepare a parrot. The parrot chosen should have beautiful fur, strong body and pee hole needs to be checked if faeces is sticked on around fur…If you do […]

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