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How To Take Care A Parrot


For 4 months Blue Gold Bolivia Parrot diet: – At the age of 3 – 4 months, the bird eat only 3 to 4 times/ day (morning, noon, afternoon and evening), lunch should eat fruit and vegetables, dormant powder feeding to vitamin supplements and birds will be more masters – Kaytee powder or NutriBird A19 […]

Instruction for trimming parrots’ wings

Cắt cánh vẹt

In order to prevent loss of your pet and the owner don’t want confining cage or chained, trim wings for parrot is the best solution. Parrots’ wings are trimed from 5- 6 months will regrowth. You can perform follow by the method in the illustration below, you can trim the wings inside or outside, but […]

Common diseases of parrots

Các chứng bệnh thường gặp ở vẹt két

PARROT DISEASES: – Flu, Diarrhea (cough, fever, diarrhea or when the birds do not eat, sad expression not active as usual, saggy, ruffled, trembling) – Pneumonia (Wheezing, normal activity or sedentary when severe) – Diarrhea – Diarrhea with Blood (Coccidiosis) – Swollen Lymph Nodes – Leg Swelling, Arthritis, Broken Legs, Broken Wings – Mushrooms, dermatitis, hair loss, lice, fleas – Eyesore Common diseases of parrots Vaccination […]

Feed and teach the parrots to eat

Cho vẹt ăn và tập cho vẹt tự ăn

Feed your parrot: With straight intestinal structure, parrot can digest all food in maw within 2 hours, the more eupeptic, softer food, the shorter time they digest ( prevent parrots to digest all food eat soon) In the wild, their parents always retrieve for cubs, about 10- 20 min. Depending on the age of the […]

Nutrition for Cockatoo

Dinh dưỡng chăm sóc cho vẹt Châu Úc Cockatoo

Foods for Cockatoo parrot: A cockatoo diet consisting of a variety of seeds, fruits, vegetable suitable for parrot. Besides, we need implement some apples, pear, plum, raisin, banana, carrot, broccoli, lettuce….. As same as South America parrot, avocado is toxic to them. Sometimes they also need be added protein such as cottage chesse, boiled eggs, […]

Nutrition for Macaw

thức ăn cho vẹt macaw

Macaw parrots is very energy, so that they also need a diversity diet, much oil and calories. In the wild adult Macaw eat a lots kind of seeds, fruits while babies Macaw will eat small seeds, nuts and fruits. Base on size of them that they can eat ½ – ¾ cup of combined feed […]

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