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Parrot VET

trị bệnh cho vẹt

PARROT DISEASES: – Flu, Diarrhea (cough, fever, diarrhea or when the birds do not eat, sad expression not active as usual, saggy, ruffled, trembling) – Pneumonia (Wheezing, normal activity or sedentary when severe) – Diarrhea – Diarrhea with Blood (Coccidiosis) – Swollen Lymph Nodes – Leg Swelling, Arthritis, Broken Legs, Broken Wings – Mushrooms, dermatitis, hair loss, lice, fleas – Eyesore […]

Vaccination Program For Parrots

Cho vẹt ăn và tập cho vẹt tự ăn

Vaccination Program: – Flu, Diarrhea – monthly (200.000đ/time) – Deworm – every 3 months (200.000đ/time) – Coccidiosis – every 3 months (300.000đ/time) – NewCastle – every 4 months (500.000đ/time) – Lung Mushrooms – monthly (100.000đ/time) – Hen / Typhoid / Pasteurellosis – monthly (100.000đ/time) ***Note: Give medicine to parrots during the day, not to pass the day. It is more efficient to use a 40 […]

Hotel for parrots

Khách sạn cho vẹt

Price: 50.000 – 200.000đ/day (For Pet Me Customer Only) Pet Me, with “Parrot Hotel Service”, specializes in looking after your parrots when you are away. You can put your trust on our service when you are busy or away. The cage system is cool, clean; the standing trees for parrots are professionally designed; the atmosphere is […]

Periodic Health Examination & Beauty Care For Parrot

Cockatiel 3

Price: 200.000đ/time (Free the service for Pet Me customers) Why do parrots need to have health examination?  – To detect the problems about parrots’ diseases or to prevent them – To find out the suitable diet for parrots – To prevent and find out the treatments for bird trainers (diseases can spread between human and […]

DNA gender test for parrots

Vẹt két Châu Úc Major Mitchell Cockatoo

Price: 550.000đ. Process: S1: Send the samples (3 samples of fur or egg of baby birds) S2: Wait for the result after 2 weeks (the certificate has global validity) Major Mitchell Cockatoo The process is carried out by: – 1 D-HPLC Machine – Gene sequencing machine ABI 3130, Applied Biosystems – Multiplying gene machine Real Time PCR_TaqMan® Hotline: 091 […]

Consigning parrots

Nhận chăm sóc ký gửi vẹt két

Pet Me service is in charge of consigning parrots to help you find a new home for your pets. You don’t have enough time to take care of your parrots? You need to find a new home for your parrots but you got no idea because not only that you are too busy but parrot […]

Beauty Services for Parrots

Dịch vụ cắt cánh, cắt tỉa móng cho vẹt két

Price: 100.000đ/ time (Free the service for Pet Me customers) Pet Me shop specializes in providing trimming wings, claws and parrot bathing services. Our services are carried out by professional, experienced and parrot-loved trainer. We are assured to make your parrots clean, fragrant, beautiful with neat wings and beautifully honed claws. Beauty Services for Parrots Specially, […]

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