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Large imported aviary powder coated steel size L (92x60x170)


Imported large aviary bird in powder coated steel, protect your pet parrot from danger from outside or your other pets.


The aviary bird is made of powder-coated steel to prevent rats from biting like wooden, bamboo, and cork cages, not only that, it is also free from worms and rodents. The ultimate choice for parrot safety.

Features of the aviary

  • The space inside the cage is large.
  • Can mutate when the parrot spawns.
  • The locking pin is firm and easy to operate the lock.
  • The sturdy spokes easily withstand the impact of the bird’s beak.
  • Cage cleaning is easy.
  • Meticulously machined so the welds are smooth and safe.
  • Withstand harsh environments such as: Rain, wind,…
  • Give your parrot the best feeling.

Pet Me Shop supplies specialized cages for parrots. Dedicated design, durable material, suitable for medium and big parrots.


Size: L (92x60x170)

Made in: America

Material: Steel

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