Cắt cánh vẹt

Instruction for trimming parrots’ wings

In order to prevent loss of your pet and the owner don’t want confining cage or chained, trim wings...

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chăm sóc vẹt macaw

Macaw health care

For 4 months Blue Gold Bolivia Parrot diet: Kaytee or NutriBird A19 dilution, 3 times a day, 50cc a...

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Dạy vẹt két leo dây

Teaching parrots to climb a rope

– Put the Parrot in a tree .Tying a rope start from the tree to your hand (the rope...

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parrot play card

Teaching parrots flip cards

– Based on Parrot’s instinctive unconsciously turn into classical conditioning. – Capsizing the card in front of the birds...

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huấn luyện vẹt két gật và lắc đầu

Teaching parrots how to nod yes and shake head no

Put the parrots stand on a tree and begin the exercise Nod yes  Hold their treat/reward in your fingers then...

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Huấn luyện vẹt két làm trò

Teaching parrots how to wave and shake hand

Waving  When you call your parrot step up on your finger , it will easier for you to teach...

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Huấn luyện vẹt két nhìn theo mục tiêu và chui qua ống

Teaching parrot to go through the tube

Based on the basis of exercises “suck wand” to learn this exercise (clike here) holding the tip of the...

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huấn luyện vẹt két xoay tròn

Teaching birds to spin around

When completed tasks “Holding chopsticks” ( clik here for more information ) notes the Parrot will chase leading wire...

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dạy vẹt nhìn mục tiêu ngậm đũa

Teaching parrot hold chopsticks (hit the goal)

This is the basis for training as a prerequisite for the training of various exercises later . Prepare : ...

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Clicker huấn luyện vẹt két

Clicker for trainning parrots

Not only Parrots but also with most of pets,  training methods with “clicker” has become simple and very effective...

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Thực phẩm thưởng cho vẹt két

Bonus foods for parrots

“Which kind of food should I use in domestication?” “Where to buy?”…are general question that many people want to...

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Huấn luyện vẹt két giao tiếp

Teaching parrots how to talk and communication

  1. Teaching parrots to talk All species of parrots have their owned body structure essential for imitating human voice....

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Cách thuần hoá vẹt két

Domesticating parrots

  This post is to help those who do not have chance to buy a baby parrot carry out...

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Các chứng bệnh thường gặp ở vẹt két

Common diseases of parrots

Diarrhea: Most of problem about parrot primarily is diarrhea. Attach with enzyme help stabilize digestive system, electrolyte help additional...

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Cho vẹt ăn và tập cho vẹt tự ăn

Feed and teach the parrots to eat

Feed your parrot: With straight intestinal structure, parrot can digest all food in maw within 2 hours, the more...

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Thức ăn cho vẹt non và vẹt sơ sinh

Foods for baby parrots

– Foods is eupeptic, soft. There are many foods dedicated for parrots such as Kaytee Exact. But it is...

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Dinh dưỡng chăm sóc cho vẹt Châu Úc Cockatoo

Nutrition for Cockatoo

Foods for Cockatoo parrot: A cockatoo diet consisting of a variety of seeds, fruits, vegetable suitable for parrot. Besides,...

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thức ăn cho vẹt macaw

Nutrition for Macaw

Macaw parrots is very energy, so that they also need a diversity diet, much oil and calories. In the...

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