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chùm gỗ đồ chơi treo trang trí lồng vẹt

Hanging Cluster of Wood 1

Price: 300.000 vnđ

Hanging Cluster of Wood is used for parrots to play, climb, relax and for decoration. Thai or American imported product.

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Cây đứng gỗ cho vẹt mâm inox

Standing Tree For Parrot Size XS

Price: 300.000 vnđ

Standing Tree for small Parrots size XS. Size: 22x16x18

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hạt trộn hỗn hợp cho vẹt

Mixed Grain Food

Price: 100.000 - 250.000 vnđ

Mixed grain food for every parrots like South American Macaw, Australian and African parrots which are growing and maturing, ingredients include: walnuts, vitamin keytee, sunflower, jackfruit, stream, sweet potato, corn...

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Muỗng đút bột cho vẹt non

Feeding Spoon

Price: 20.000 vnđ

Pet Me specializes in selling and providing imported spoon for feeding parrots.

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