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Các chứng bệnh thường gặp ở vẹt két

Periodic health examination & parrot treatment

Price: 300.000đ – 400.000/ time. I. Why do parrots need to have health examination?  – To detect the problems...

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Vẹt két Châu Úc Major Mitchell Cockatoo

DNA gender test for parrots

Price: 600.000đ. Process: S1: Send the samples (3 samples of fur or egg of baby birds) S2: Wait for the result...

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Nhận chăm sóc ký gửi vẹt két

Consigning parrots

Pet Me service is in charge of consigning parrots to help you find a new home for your pets....

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dịch vụ giữ hộ vẹt két

Hotel for parrots

Price: 30,000 – 200,000đ/day. Pet Me, with “Parrot Hotel Service”, specializes in looking after your parrots when you are...

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Dịch vụ cắt cánh, cắt tỉa móng cho vẹt két

Beauty Services for Parrots

Price: 300.000đ/ time. Pet Me shop specializes in providing trimming wings, claws and parrot bathing services. Our services are...

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